Rascal Republic is a dynamic and meticulous land and property development company based in Singapore and with extensive experience in Indonesia and the further Southeast Asian region stretching back to 2008. With a focus on sustainable design and building practices, and by employing local staff, craftsmen and skilled artisans, every Rascal Republic development feels part of the local culture and landscape, whilst offering leading-edge technology and design.

Experiential investing

We have a hard-earned track record of providing excellent returns for our investors based on our unique “experience-driven” philosophy, whereby each project is evaluated through both a financial and experiential lens. This means each Rascal Republic project provides a compelling story, with emotive design and stunning locations ensuring that your investment returns an unforgettable experience.


Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler has extensive international experience, based in Singapore for the last 15 years and in Indonesia for 3 years. Prior to founding Rascal Republic, he made a series of property and lifestyle investments throughout Southeast Asia, which has culminatedin the formation of the international portfolio of experiential investments.

Steve Ebsworth

After 2 years in commercial sports followed by launching companies across various sectors, Steve Ebsworth has been managing investment into emerging beachfront land across Indonesia with a focus on Lombok and Sumbawa. The difficulties associated in acquiring interest into Indonesia land has led to these prime sites being under-researched and in turn under-valued. With his business partners, they offer investments into these assets, which they then proactively manage.

Erik Barreto

Erik has lived and worked in 7 different countries over the course of his career, with a professional background in Strategy and Business Development in banking, oil shipping and land and property. He also has direct investment experience in property and seed investments. Currently, Erik splits his time between Singapore and Indonesia, enabling him to be onsite at Samara Lombok and oversee the development and project management.

Alex Urquhart
Executive Assistant

Alex has extensive experience in luxury international real estate. She began her career in Central London, where she worked for several highly acclaimed agencies before starting her own property search company for private clients. In 2008, she moved to Singapore, where she was a consultant to expats wishing to purchase property in the UK. Now, as Executive Assistant at Rascal Republic, she assists across all levels of the business.


Rascal Voyages

Rascal is a meticulously hand-crafted 30-metre ironwood and teak yacht designed for cruising the Indonesian archipelago. Built by the region’s most reputable phinisi shipbuilder, the traditional hull architecture has been reinvented and fitted with all mod cons to create a luxurious onboard experience. We currently have two further yachts under construction that will broach new and distant waters.

Infrastructure Projects

Construction and development are currently ongoing across Indonesia. We have already completed over 10 kilometres of road, built bridges and a jetty, installed electricity and water in Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa, with earthworks for our Phase 1 villa and hotel construction in progress at Samara Bay.

Rascal Republic Guarantee & Accreditation

To complement our experiential investing philosophy, all projects are carefully researched, with independent consultants engaged to provide
ongoing expert advice and management, ensuring that all investments are conservative and realistic to current and local economic landscapes.

The investments are protected via a direct shareholding in a Singapore based company, with the company having full transparency with its
shareholders and meeting all the requirements for annual audited accounts.

We are incorporated and headquartered out of Singapore. We have engaged lawyers in Singapore and locally to cover onshore, offshore, as well as local legal and due diligence requirements. In addition, we have also appointed tax advisory firms onshore and offshore.

We have also tasked two feasibility and industry experts to provide advice on the type of investments that would provide
the best returns over the next decade.