Samara Bay is one of three uniquely crafted sites that together constitute the Samara Lombok development. Located on the eastern edge of Samara Lombok, Samara Bay boasts uninterrupted views over the coastline from its elevated position overlooking Torok Beach. The 18 hectare development comprises the Hotel & Villas and Estate.


The 75 key hotel includes 30 1-bed and 5 2-bed villas. It is fully equipped with the latest in luxury living – an expansive destination spa, 2 swimming pools, plus a ‘mirador terrace’ with spectacular views over Torok Beach and 3 F&B destinations. The hotel is run by an internationally renowned operator with a track record in hotel management and sales.


Samara Bay Estate comprises 70 land plots set amidst a beautifully landscaped garden setting, with walking trails and a buggy track. With a low density layout ensuring maximum privacy and unfettered views, a variety of villa types from 2-4 bedrooms are available to build the dream holiday home or provide a reliable rental villa. The villas are centrally managed and serviced by the hotel operator to an exacting standard.


  • Spa & Fitness (Yoga / Pilates / PT / Detox)
  • Surf school & surf safaris for all levels of experience
  • Extensive landscaped gardens with various reflection points
  • Diving school (PADI)
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Gym
  • Fishing
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Pottery
  • Batik
  • Weaving
  • Local kampung tour to traditional villages
  • Local hiking and rice padi walks with a nature guide
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Hiking Mount Rinjani
  • Boat tours



Only 32km from Bali, yet a world away from the madding crowd, Samara Lombok boasts some of the best beaches and surf breaks in all of Indonesia. It is also home to Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in the country and a popular trekking destination. Samara Lombok is only 25 minutes from Lombok International Airport and 20 minutes from Kuta.


Upgrading works at Lombok International Airport are planned to accommodate larger aircraft. Additionally, more international destinations will be added including Australia, Korea, China and Dubai – thus increasing domestic arrivals into Lombok to 1.2M by 2021. The government-driven Mandalika project has also resulted in large-scale infrastructure development in the South Lombok area, with investment totaling over USD 3 billion.


The unique Lombok culture has been integrated in all aspects of the site’s landscaping and sympathetic design. We are working with South Lombok residents to ensure that the development is fully integrated into the wider community and that they benefit from its creation – whether through the development of housing, school, or other well-needed infrastructure. Finally, local practices, arts & crafts, and cuisine have been incorporated into  the Samara Lombok offering.


We believe that investments should bring great returns, not just in terms of numbers, but also through the provision of unique, unparalleled experiences. Samara Lombok is designed to offer many benefits – from land and sea activities, destination dining, beautiful villa designs, and a way of life that embraces the very best of Eastern traditions with Western innovations.

Why Invest in Samara Lombok


  • High expected returns
  • Award-winning consultant designing the hotel and masterplan
  • Thorough feasibility and market research studies implemented
  • Robust legal structure with 85 year leasehold
  • Experienced team with a long track record of development

The Investment Opportunities

Buy premium land

Starting from


    • Limited plots available in Phase 1
    • Expected land appreciation of 30% over 2 years
    • Significant infrastructure work planned
    • Full use and benefits of all Samara Lombok facilities
    • Robust legal structure with 85 year leasehold

Invest in Samara Bay Hotel

Starting from

High IRR of 15.7%

    • Masterplan designed by award-winning consultant
    • 75 key hotel development and management rights
    • Thorough feasibility and market research studies implemented
    • Annual complimentary nights
    • Annual food & beverage credit

Invest in Samara Beach Studios

Starting from

Launching soon

    • Redefining the tourism market in Lombok
    • Contemporary Beach Club with signature dining
    • Limited number of 1-bed Beach Studios
    • High yield investment with 85 year leasehold
    • Surf, dive & water sports centre
    • Excellent financial and lifestyle investment