The Investment Opportunities

Buy premium land

Starting from


    • Limited plots available in Phase 1
    • Expected land appreciation of 30% over 2 years
    • Significant infrastructure work planned
    • Full use and benefits of all Samara Lombok facilities
    • Robust legal structure with 85 year leasehold

Invest in Samara Bay Hotel

Starting from

High IRR of 15.7%

    • Masterplan designed by award-winning consultant
    • 75 key hotel development and management rights
    • Thorough feasibility and market research studies implemented
    • Annual complimentary nights
    • Annual food & beverage credit

Invest in Samara Beach Studios

Starting from

Launching soon

    • Redefining the tourism market in Lombok
    • Contemporary Beach Club with signature dining
    • Limited number of 1-bed Beach Studios
    • High yield investment with 85 year leasehold
    • Surf, dive & water sports centre
    • Excellent financial and lifestyle investment

Projected Investment Growth

Strong land appreciation is projected at Samara Hills as development progresses across
the Samara Bay and Beach Club sites and major infrastructure works are completed within the Samara Hills site.

At Samara Bay, where large infrastructure has already been completed, land prices have increased around 30% within an 18 month period, whereas a similar return is forecast at Samara Hills, over 24 months for prudence.

A strong internal rate of return (IRR) of 15.7% is forecasted due to the same investment
terms as the developer with additional ‘free’ management rights across the Samara Lombok restaurants and facilities. Investors are given up to 21 complimentary nights annually along with an annual F&B credit and discounted rates at the spa and destination dining outlets across the Samara Lombok site.

Reasons To Invest In Samara Lombok

  • As the 4th largest country in the world and having the fastest growing G20 economy outside of China with abundant natural resources, Indonesia is forecasted to be in the world’s top 5 largest global economies by 2030.
  • Lombok is one of the top priorities of the Indonesian government in its efforts to grow tourism due to its rapid continued development, with major infrastructure like roads, electricity and water already in place.
  • Known for its pristine, untouched beaches and prime surf breaks that are amongst the best in Indonesia, Lombok has a rapidly increasing land value compared to Bali and is set to become the next hottest off-the-grid destination.
  • Land investors at Samara Lombok can rest assured that their investment will yield a high return due to Asia’s increase in global awareness in Lombok as an idyllic tropical paradise.

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