The Samara Project: Discover how your land investments can make a difference

We are pleased to share news of The Samara Project, Samara Lombok’s non-profit organization which will work hand-in-hand with our local community on new farming initiatives, food production, hospitality training and employment opportunities.

Included below is our two-phased approach to The Samara Project and the latest news on Samara Hills land developments.



We have kicked off Phase 1 of a 10-hectare Farm Park which will sit adjacent to our Samara Hills site. The vision is to support our local community by developing proper water management and irrigation systems, and give farmers the opportunity to earn an income by selling produce to Samara Lombok and the surrounding area.

Views from Sunset (S) Plot 11

This organic, chemical-free farm will consist of approximately 4 hectares of rice paddy fields (see progress pictured above) and 6 hectares of fruit trees producing high-value cash crops such as avocados and mangos. This is a positive step forward for our local farmers, who are currently reliant on corn production, which has a low value in the market and is poor quality due to years of over-working the soil and lack of water.


Samara Lombok clients and guests will also benefit greatly from the Samara Farm Park by having access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on the farm, and will be guaranteed healthy ingredients at Samara Beach Club and nearby restaurants which we will supply to. There is also a focus on wellness within the Farm Park with spa & aromatherapy areas as well as walking and cycling trials and local style ‘Ataps’ / resting points to watch the world go by in serene surroundings.


The second phase of The Samara Project is a Hospitality School, where local youth will receive an international standard education with the opportunity for an internship and full-time employment at Samara Lombok following their graduation.

The Hospitality School’s training facilities, located within the Samara Farm Park, will be built from sustainable materials with locally inspired architecture and design. The 12-month curriculum will include front of house, back of house, food & beverage and spa. We will also give guests the opportunity to engage with our students and support their training and development.

We are aiming to welcome our first round of students into the programme in 2022.


The Samara Project will be partly funded through land sales of our Sunset (S) plots at Samara Hills, which overlook the rice terraces with spectacular ocean views. These plots border the Farm Park with pristine, natural surroundings for scenic walks, cycling or simply watching the cows come home.

We currently have four sunset plot owners designing villas which will begin construction next year and help integrate our growing community into The Samara Project for the complete Samara Lombok experience.


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