October Update: NEW Construction Images, Webinar Part II and Launch of Samara Beach Studios

Spirits are high at Samara Lombok this month as development continues to progress on schedule at both of our two sites. Additionally, substantial progress is being made at the nearby Mandalika Project, where the MotoGP circuit is coming along fast.

In this blog post we have included:

✦ Construction update from both of our two sites

✦ Invite to the next Webinar with our Founders, Sales Director & Legal team

✦ Update on the Mandalika Project, a $3 billion government-backed eco-tourism project in South Lombok

✦ Update on the NEW Samara Beach Studios!


Pictured above is one of the many villas under construction at Samara Bay.
Substantial infrastructure work is already complete at this site including paved roads, water and electricity, making all plots construction ready.


Infrastructure work at Samara Hills is also well underway, bringing us closer to the villa construction phase.

Samara Hills is the site of our Sustainability project, the Samara Farm Park, where we are in the process of building rice terraces (pictured above) for our first phase of development. The extraordinary natural scenery will be further enhanced by tropical fruit and vegetable gardens, which villa owners can wander through on the way to the beach.

We have limited plot availability at both sites. Please reach out to our team for more information.




Watch a fly-by of the whole track

Just 25 minute driving distance from Samara Lombok, a MotoGP circuit is also currently being built as a main attraction of the Mandalika Project.
This USD $3 billion dollar eco-tourism project, which will include luxury resorts, a theme park, marina, water sports centre, nature reserve and two championship golf courses, is the single largest government-backed tourism project in Indonesia.

The location of Mandalika is at a perfect distance to preserve the serenity offered by our natural surroundings, while providing easy access to the wide variety of activities offered at this new entertainment hub.

Firm commitment to infrastructure and development on South Lombok ensures strong lifestyle and financial returns for our investors.



Join us on Wednesday, November 18th at 5pm Singapore time (GMT +8) for a live online event, where you will gain:

✦  Intimate access to our Founders, Sales Director and the Samara Lombok Legal team

✦ Virtual walk-through of our construction site on Lombok

✦ In-depth knowledge of Samara Lombok’s legal structure and secure 90-year leasehold structure

✦ Exclusive updates on the NEW! Samara Beach Studios apartments

✦ All questions answered

Be sure to pre-register to receive a replay if you cannot make the event live.

Samara Beach Studios – Join the Waitlist!

How would you like to earn passive income from your own slice of paradise?


We already have a growing waitlist for the highly anticipated Samara Beach Studios announced in our last newsletter. These fully serviced, luxury one bedroom apartments will have immediate access for restaurants, swimming pools, a fitness centre, spa, padel court, outdoor cinema under the stars and co-working space – all within two minutes walking distance from the beach.


Enjoy a movie under the stars at the new Samara Beach Studios


The Samara Beach Studios are nestled into a hillside, embraced by tropical
surroundings with sweeping ocean vists.

The average size of these W plots is approximately 1,800 sq. metres, ideal for a large villa with expansive gardens or even multiple villas on a single plot.


September Update and NEW! Investment Opportunities

Samara Beach Studios – coming soon!

We are pleased to announce a NEW investment opportunity at Samara Lombok – the Samara Beach Studios. Located just two minutes walking distance from the beach, these luxury studio apartments will have immediate access to restaurants, swimming pools, a fitness centre, spa, padel court, outdoor cinema under the stars, as well a co-working space for digital nomads wanting to work remotely in a tropical island paradise.

Inside a Samara Beach Studio


The upcoming Samara Beach Studios

More information will be available soon as we are finalizing our sales packages, but if this opportunity is of interest, please get in touch to register for our early-bird offer.


Samara Hills – West Facing (W) Plots

Map of Samara Hills

12 NEW premium land plots have just been released this month at Samara Hills with spectacular sunset views overlooking the ocean. From these West facing (W) plots, it’s just a short stroll through our organic Farm Park to reach a pristine, white sandy beach. The fruit gardens planted in front of these plots enhance the tropical scenery, and protect the natural views.

Spectacular views, sounds and sunsets from the W Plots

The average size of these W plots is approximately 1,800 sq. metres, ideal for a large villa with expansive gardens or even multiple villas on a single plot.


Samara Bay – Last 6 Ocean (O) Plots

Claim one of the last 6 Ocean (O) plots at Samara Bay with stunning ocean views!

Located just a short stroll from the beach, Samara Bay plots benefit from all of the facilities of a fully integrated resort, including a restaurant, swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, and co-working space.

Enjoy unobstructed views of South Lombok’s pristine coastline from our O15 Plot

Infinite ocean views from the living room of our O11 Plot

Click here to watch our latest Samara Bay video for more!


Plots can be retained as a pure land investment and are also construction-ready for investors who would like to begin building right away. We already have a number of villas (pictured below) in progress at Samara Bay.

Samara Lombok Villa Progress

Completing the roof construction of one of our Samara Bay villas

Building the second floor of one of our Samara Bay villas

Villa construction continues to progress on schedule, with exciting new developments happening on the ground.

We have a versatile approach to villa design and construction, offering flexibility to create your own dream villa by selecting from our trusted team of architects and designers or hiring your own. The on-ground development and project management teams at Samara Lombok ensure a hassle-free build with monthly progress reports and images. You can read testimonials from our existing investors on the Samara Lombok website.


August Update and Latest News from the Ground

We hope this post finds you well. While travel is limited, our latest video (click here to view) will take you on a virtual journey to Samara Lombok, including new footage of infrastructure works at Samara Hills and villa construction at Samara Bay.

As we are now midway through 2020, a year defined by unanticipated challenges felt across the globe, many of our recent investors have shared the sentiment that they no longer wanted to delay their dreams.

With Samara Lombok, you can own your own piece of paradise secured under a robust 90-year leasehold structure with strong capital appreciation and invaluable lifestyle returns. If you’re interested to learn more, we encourage you to enquire today while plots are still available.



We have two more villas starting construction this month at Samara Bay, including our new Type E villas (pictured above).

Meanwhile, current villa construction at Samara Bay (pictured above) continues to progress on schedule with concrete pouring of the swimming pools now underway.

Substantial progress has been made on the infrastructure work at Samara Hills (pictured above) including roads, water and electricity continuing to be installed. Our two sites – Samara Bay (in distance) and Samara Hills (in foreground) both benefit from stunning ocean views, and with the completion of newly cut roads now offer easy, direct accessibility between the two sites as well as the international airport.

We are currently designing the new Samara Beach Studio one-bedroom apartments, which will be located a short stroll from the beach. These units will include access to all of our Samara Lombok facilities, offering both financial and lifestyle returns.



The Indonesian Government has made notable commitments to developing tourism in Lombok. Mandalika, a USD $3 billion-dollar government-backed tourism project located on South Lombok will offer a MotoGP Circuit, 5-star resorts, theme park, championship golf courses, marina and nature reserve. The Jakarta Post has also just announced plans to build a convention hall for the the G-20 Summit and the ASEAN summits.

Situated just a 25-minute drive from Mandalika, our two sites are located within perfect distance to utilize the upcoming facilities, whilst preserving the serene atmosphere and unspoiled beaches which surround Samara Lombok.

July Update and Exclusive New Offer

Untitled Design-Jul-15-2020-08-26-58-21-AM

Recent images of Samara Lombok’s location (top left shows infrastructure work at Samara Bay, top right shows Samara Hills and the bottom is a recent panoramic image of Samara Lombok)

We are pleased to share that sales have been strong this last quarter and that construction has continued to progress on schedule at both of our sites. We’ve had a drone up this month to capture our newly cut roads, water and electricity being installed at Samara Hills, whilst two new villa designs have been finalised and will begin construction at Samara Bay next month.

When you buy a plot at either of our two sites, you have the option of retaining the plot as a land investment with no obligation to build.

Get in touch to learn more about Samara Lombok investment opportunities!

S10 HIGH RESOne of several villas now under design at Samara Hills

When you buy a plot at Samara Lombok, you have the option of retaining the plot as a pure land investment with no obligation to build. Alternatively, we now have a total of 16 different villa designs to choose from or you can choose your own design or even work with your own architect to build your dream villa.



Samara Bay sits hilltop, just 300 meters walking distance from a pristine, white sandy bay with unsurpassed ocean vistas. Land and villa owners enjoy seclusion in the embrace of abundant tropical landscapes; whilst also having immediate access to a 24-hour concierge, restaurants, a wellness centre, gym and Samara Beach Club.


Plots are selling well, aided by increasing appetite for villa design and construction as well as the completed infrastructure works at this location. We expect the increasing villa development to raise the land plot values by 20% in the next 12 months.


Photos of four available land plots at Samara Bay



Samara Hills land plots enjoy extraordinary ocean views, situated amongst pristine sandy bays, lush green rice terrace fields and an organic fruit and vegetable farm.


With the imminent completion of internal roads, water and electricity, this highly desirable land is forecasted to increase in value by 20% in the next 6-12 months.

Here’s a selection of four of our available Samara Hills land plots mocked up to show how a villa sits on each plot.


Villa renders of four available plots at Samara Hills with actual views in the background


Untitled Design-Jul-07-2020-06-28-02-27-AM

Make an investment with Samara Lombok and enjoy exclusive offers and promotions with our sister company Rascal Voyages.

Rascal Voyages delivers bespoke luxury charter experiences year-round in the Indonesian archipelago in Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park. Voyages include spacious accommodation in Rascal’s “floating villas”, three delicious meals per day, one-to-one staff to guest ratio including a private chef and wine sommelier and all activities – Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, SUP, Kayaking, Hiking, Beach BBQs, Wake-boarding, and more.

We’ve broken ground at Samara Bay!

The video linked above shows a live update from our Samara Bay site, where villa construction is well underway.
Since first arriving in South Lombok back in 2003, we have cherry picked the best land in the area. Each and every land plot on our two sites, Samara Bay and Samara Hills, benefit from spectacular ocean views after careful master-planning and two years of infrastructure works to the land.

In this blog, we have included the latest updates from Samara Bay.

Samara Bay land and villa owners will also have access to Samara Hills and Samara Beach Club located just a short distance away (see map above).

There are four simple steps to investing in Samara Bay, which include options to simply buy and hold a land plot with strong capital appreciation or immediately begin building your dream villa.


The first step is to choose a land plot that is right for you. We are able to provide photos and videos for a complete visualisation of every plot and also offer hosted site visits for interested buyers. There is no obligation to build a villa and the land plot may be retained as simply a land investment.


For those who are keen to build a villa, Samara Lombok offers complete design flexibility: we provide access to a team of trusted architects & designers who have to date designed 13 different villa types for our Samara Lombok land plots; or give you the option to choose your own design team and work with your own architects.


Our international construction and project management team is on location to ensure a smooth building process every step of the way to work with the architects to build your dream villa. We have an experienced team on ground with over 20 years experience of building in coastal locations across Indonesia.


All Samara Bay villa owners benefit from a centralised, full-service villa management team which makes owning and renting your villa completely hassle-free. Management services will include housekeeping, villa maintenance, swimming pool cleaning, laundry and all villa staffing.

As a villa owner, you may choose to utilise Samara Bay’s rental management service or keep your villa exclusively for your own personal use all year round.

The Samara Project: Discover how your land investments can make a difference

We are pleased to share news of The Samara Project, Samara Lombok’s non-profit organization which will work hand-in-hand with our local community on new farming initiatives, food production, hospitality training and employment opportunities.

Included below is our two-phased approach to The Samara Project and the latest news on Samara Hills land developments.



We have kicked off Phase 1 of a 10-hectare Farm Park which will sit adjacent to our Samara Hills site. The vision is to support our local community by developing proper water management and irrigation systems, and give farmers the opportunity to earn an income by selling produce to Samara Lombok and the surrounding area.

Views from Sunset (S) Plot 11

This organic, chemical-free farm will consist of approximately 4 hectares of rice paddy fields (see progress pictured above) and 6 hectares of fruit trees producing high-value cash crops such as avocados and mangos. This is a positive step forward for our local farmers, who are currently reliant on corn production, which has a low value in the market and is poor quality due to years of over-working the soil and lack of water.


Samara Lombok clients and guests will also benefit greatly from the Samara Farm Park by having access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on the farm, and will be guaranteed healthy ingredients at Samara Beach Club and nearby restaurants which we will supply to. There is also a focus on wellness within the Farm Park with spa & aromatherapy areas as well as walking and cycling trials and local style ‘Ataps’ / resting points to watch the world go by in serene surroundings.


The second phase of The Samara Project is a Hospitality School, where local youth will receive an international standard education with the opportunity for an internship and full-time employment at Samara Lombok following their graduation.

The Hospitality School’s training facilities, located within the Samara Farm Park, will be built from sustainable materials with locally inspired architecture and design. The 12-month curriculum will include front of house, back of house, food & beverage and spa. We will also give guests the opportunity to engage with our students and support their training and development.

We are aiming to welcome our first round of students into the programme in 2022.


The Samara Project will be partly funded through land sales of our Sunset (S) plots at Samara Hills, which overlook the rice terraces with spectacular ocean views. These plots border the Farm Park with pristine, natural surroundings for scenic walks, cycling or simply watching the cows come home.

We currently have four sunset plot owners designing villas which will begin construction next year and help integrate our growing community into The Samara Project for the complete Samara Lombok experience.


Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Update From the Ground: Samara Hills & Samara Bay

The vision our founders set out with over a decade ago is beginning to come to fruition. Discover what’s new on the ground below!

✓ Construction on Samara Bay Cluster One begins

✓ We are now halfway to completion of the roads to Samara Hills, providing easy access to the airport and neighboring town of Kuta

✓ S-Plot villas will soon enjoy views of the iconic Indonesian rice terrace fields, as our landscaping project comes to completion.


Land plot owners can choose from Samara Lombok’s design collection or customize your own dream villa with our outstanding team of developers. We’ve recently started building four villas at our Samara Bay site.


What was once a treacherous journey involving a car, 4×4, motorbikes and foot trails will soon be a smooth, scenic car ride to both of our sties. Just 25 mins from the international airport, Samara Lombok brings accessibility to remote island luxury.

Contact us to discuss which investment is the best fit for you.

[Video Blog] Introducing Samara Beach Club: Lombok’s trendy new hangout


All Samara Lombok investors receive a complimentary membership to Samara Beach Club. This trendy new hangout will offer fantastic fresh food, incredible cocktails and a like-minded community, all within a short walking distance of our land plots and villas.


We have started building the first cluster of Samara Bay villas. Land plot owners may choose from Samara Lombok’s design collection or customize your own dream villa with our outstanding team of developers.


At Samara Lombok, we are creating a community of like-minded investors who have an appetite for both lifestyle and financial returns. We have a knowledgeable team who can explain in more detail about our different offerings. Contact us to discuss which part of our project may be the best fit for you.

At Samara Lombok, we are creating a community of like-minded investors who have an appetite for both lifestyle and financial returns. We have a knowledgeable team who can explain in more detail about our different offerings. Contact us to discuss which part of our project may be the best fit for you.

It’s been a great month in Lombok

Samara Lombok strives to be more than its spectacular views and paradisiacal lifestyle, with the development of our community projects, beach club and restaurants, we are creating a sense of community and a lifestyle for our investors. In this month’s newsletter, find out about the exciting progress being made on the island.

✓ Construction on Samara Bay Cluster One begins

✓ We are now halfway to completion of the roads to Samara Hills, providing easy access to the airport and neighboring town of Kuta

✓ S-Plot villas will soon enjoy views of the iconic Indonesian rice terrace fields, as our landscaping project comes to completion.


The Samara Lombok team invites you to join us on Lombok for a site visit where you can discover the many wonders of the island, connect with our team on-site and learn more about how to realize the dream of investing in your own piece of paradise.

As discerning travelers begin seeking out pristine natural environments and local cultures which have not yet been impacted by over-tourism, the island of Lombok is slowly emerged from the shadow of Bali. Activities on your site visit will be planned to your liking including relaxing on the beach, kite-surfing, snorkeling, waterfall hikes and enjoying our slowly emerging beachfront restaurant scene.


Samara Lombok is committed to preserving the unspoiled beauty of Lombok through various environmental projects and by supporting the locals. We are building a community of forward-thinking investors that share our long-term vision for a sustainable and profitable future.